“Enes Sonmez is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with a diverse background in education, journalism, marketing, and business. Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985, Enes received his undergraduate degree in education and gained valuable experience in journalism and marketing in various cities in Turkey. In 2009, he made the decision to pursue a master’s degree in the United States and moved to Chicago to begin his studies.

Enes has always been a natural entrepreneur, and in 2012 he decided to start his own business as a photographer. His company, NS Photography, quickly gained a reputation for high-quality work and excellent customer service, and Enes soon expanded the business to include a full range of services including web design, graphic design, social media, SEO, and videography. Over the years, NS Branding has served more than 500 clients and has established itself as a leading provider of branding services in the Houston area.

In addition to running his own business, Enes has also completed an MBA degree from the University of Houston-Victoria campus and has continued to develop his skills as a graphic and web designer through continuous learning and a passion for photography. He is always looking for ways to stay up-to-date on the latest design trends and techniques, and he is committed to delivering the best possible results for his clients.

In 2022, Enes took his career to the next level by opening SIGN AGE SHOWROOM, a state-of-the-art facility that showcases the best in custom signage and branding solutions. The showroom has quickly become the only one of its kind in Texas and surrounding states, and it has received numerous accolades for its high-quality work and excellent customer service. Under Enes’s leadership, SIGN AGE SHOWROOM has achieved great success and has helped countless businesses and organizations achieve their branding goals.

Enes is also an active member of Team Savage car club and the World Chamber of Commerce, and he is dedicated to using his skills and expertise to help others succeed. He is a driven and ambitious individual who is always looking for new opportunities to grow and improve, and he is passionate about his work and the positive impact it can have on others. With his unique combination of education, experience, and skills, Enes is well-equipped to handle any challenge and succeed in any business venture.”