Allison Konitzer is the founder and CEO of Awaken, the Director of Global Connections for the World Air League, board member of The World Chamber of Commerce and certified John Maxwell leadership expert
Specializing in connecting individuals, businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs globally. Allison has proven success with companies/individuals by providing knowledge, connections, & the tools needed to succeed on their own. Taking the stress off the individual or business owner by managing, connecting, building teams and refining marketing strategies, thus allowing the entrepreneur to focus on their dream and purpose. Allison intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that weave through an organization or individual.
Her goal when helping every client is for them to have self-sustaining and successful enterprise. She helps others extend their thinking, provides fresh perspectives and drives material business advantage. Allison is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while also stressing the importance of remaining grounded in knowledge that leverages the business. Respected as a credible voice in decision making and finding strategic partners, she can help in many industries. Financial advisors, Commerical Real Estate, Youtubers, Fitness industry leaders, Criminal Defense Attorneys while running campaigns, are just a few of many growing businesses and individuals who have utilized and succeeded using Awaken.
Allison is passionate about supporting, coaching, educating and empowering women which has been displayed in her previous Executive Director role and now partnership with Ravens Hope International. Having rescued 500+ women out of sex trafficking and then guided them to go through a program that offers spiritual growth, life skills, leadership development, internships, and mission opportunities. While working in Cambodia, Allison also became affiliated with CEO Master Club that allowed the opportunity to become a highly known global public speaker, leadership coach, & work alongside with international business leaders.
Allison’s mission is to awaken the dreamer within by making an impact while making a living. Soon to be published author, Allison finds creativity through art, travel, music, and writing. Allison has been honored with several awards and certificates for her contributions to both rescuing women and being a noteworthy leader and influencer across the globe. When Allison is not busy with connecting, promoting, and managing businesses, you can find her spending time with family, traveling, networking, and eating some of the best food Texas has to offer.
Allison Konitzer
Director of Global Connections & Founder of AWAKEN